Allen NU Glove Caliper Release Review

Allen Nu glove caliper relase for archery huntingI have used a lot of releases for archery hunting. I can say that this is the first glovc style I have ever owned. I came to Michigan a few weeks ago to hang out with my parents and I had left all of my archery gear at my house in Idaho. As I hit up a local big box store to attempt to buy all of the things I needed to go deer hunting, what I found was a very limited supply of gear left. I have probably looked at the Allen Nu glove release 100 times in stores and online, but it never tickled my fancy. I always thought I was too accustomed to my wrist band releases to try something like this. Cruising the aisles  of the store, this was the only release aid in the entire store! Yes, I could have driven to another store a few miles away, but I just wanted to get this over with. Needless to say, I bought the NU glove release.


  • 180 degree swivel head
  • Factory tuned trigger (hair trigger)
  • Posi lock hookup for quick attachment to your bow string
The NU gloe caliper release attached to my hand.

As you can see, this release fits securely to your hand. You always know exactly where the trigger will be.

My Thoughts About this Release

This release is surprisingly comfortable and feels very secure while its on your hand. What I think I like most about it is that it is always in place. If a deer is sneaking it’s way in you won’t have to worry about your release having slid to the other side of your hand (requiring two hands to fix it) When you want to attach it to your string, you know exactly where the trigger mechanism is going to be. Archery hunting is very tough, there are so many things that can go wrong (and they will), it’s best to try to limit the possibilities for problems as soon as you notice they “might” happen. That’s we we have foam and mole hair all over our bows and every little piece of metal on our tree stands that could clink or clack has been cover and secured with duct tape a long time ago. Allen NU caliper release has fixed one possible problem with this style of release. Another possible problem that has been minimized with this release is the possibility of your trigger hanging down from your wrist and clinking against the side of your stand. This release is always in the same position, you know were it is and you get used to it quickly.

Possible Downsides to this Release

  1. People seem to claim that it is too large for their hands. Frankly, I don’t have big hands and I have not noticed that problem. As long as you tightly strap the wrist band you should be all set. I am 6′ tall with probably smaller than average wrists and hands, it fits me pretty good.
  2. Might get a little warm on hot days. I can see my hand getting very hot in this glove while hiking in the mountains for elk in September.
  3. Not so great in super cold weather. You can wear a glove underneath this release, but not a very thick one. With this release, you might have to keep your hand in your pocket or slip it into a big mitten. Personally I like to keep my release attached to my string at all times for whitetails, that’s not possible in December in the North with this release.


For October and November bowhunting, this is a great release. I have found it to be comfortable, has a nice light trigger and it stays positioned well. Overall I really like this release and don’t regret buying it at all. The Allen NU glove Caliper release is well worth the money in my opinion, it just might take a bit to bet used to.

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