Beman Grab, Go, Shoot – AKA White Box Carbon Arrows Review

White box Beman carbon arrows

Beman White Box Arrows 4 Pack Review

I bought these the other day for a late season archery hunt in Michigan. I unfortunately left all of my archery gear in Idaho on this trip, so I had to piece together a setup to make a hunting trip happen. Personally I found these to be a pretty good deal for what I paid for them.

White box Beman carbon arrows

Box Contents and Features

  • 4 Arrows with inserts and adjustable nocks installed
  • 4 100 grain field tips
  • Small blazer type vane fletching with a slight right helical
  • Pre-cut arrows at 29.5″
Beman carbon arrow tips

The Beman white box arrows came with 100 grain field points already installed.

These white box Beman arrows pretty much come ready to rock. I was able to open up the box and was shooting bulls eye after bulls eye in under 5 minutes. It just so happens that my typical arrow length is 29″, so these were already cut at 29.5″ which was awesome. I did not want to have to stop by an archery shop and get them cut. Frankly—I was too excited to get out there hunting. 29.5″ is a very common length for people in the 6′ tall range.

Beman claims that these will work well in any bow up to 70 lbs, but frankly I doubt that. The spine will likely be too stiff for anyone pulling less than 55#, but I cannot say that for sure. What I can say for sure is that they shot very well for my old bow I had laying at my moms house here that is set at just over 70#. I have not picked this bow up in a few years, but it felt just as good and the shooting was just as fluid as it is with my Bowtech currently hanging on a coat rack over 1000 miles away. I’ll have no trouble at all shooting a deer with this bow within the week.

The current price for these arrows is around 25$ putting them at about $6.25 per arrow.  That is not terribly cheap, but considering how quickly I was able to pick them up and go shooting, they were well worth the price. They seem very strong and I have no reason to believe they are not very tough arrows. I actually hit a small rock in the sand on my first shot during sighting in and the only ill effect was a dent in the field tip.

Bottom Line

If you know that you need 29″ish inch arrows and you are not in an area where you can cut them or have them cut, these are a great way to go. Like I mentioned above, I’d be a littl hesitant to shoot them out of a lighter bow, but heck—they might shoot awesome. They are strong, pre-cut and fully assembled to shoot. If I didn’t already have 24 gold tip pro x-cutters sitting at home I’d be tempted to buy another box of the Beman white box arrows.


  1. Alison

    September 29, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Just picked up a bow from Amazon. These arrows seem like a pretty good deal for the cost. I won’t be able to cut them, so they are probably the best choice for me. I’ve had good luck with Beman arrows in the past.

  2. Herzer

    October 8, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    These are good arrows. I bought some last year but have lost all but one in the woods behind my house. I was doing some arrow shopping when I came upon this post. I’m going to pick up a box from Amazon I think, deer season is just starting to get good. One arrow will not be enough! XD

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