Choosing the Best Deer Decoy and Features

Choosing the best deer decoy
Flambeau grazing doe deer decoy is extremely effective

Check out this grazing doe deer decoy on Amazon. This is one of the best decoy’s I’ve used.

It could be that of all the gadgets and gear for deer hunting, deer decoys are the most effective and under utilized. I have managed to shoot most of my biggest deer throughout the years using deer decoys such as the Flambeau grazing doe decoy and the Primos Scarface decoy. I have had amazing success bringing paranoid deer into bow range with no trouble using these decoys. once you combine a good grunt call with a decoy, you are on your way to success.

Deer, just like every other species have an insatiable urge to procreate. The best way to trigger that big buck into range is to convince him that there is a female right there for him to look at. The grunt call makes the bucks come in that much faster, because as far as a buck is concerned–That’s just another buck out there cat calling the doe he wants to breed. It drives them crazy, so take advantage of that!

Why I love the Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy

This decoy is in a relaxed feeding state, that’s the best part. What triggers a deer to come in for a closer look, more than a doe that is grazing and seemingly ignoring his presence? Not much.. If you look at most decoys on the market, you’ll see that they are staring in one direction. When that buck of a lifetime starts coming in, you’d better hope that the decoy is lined up to be staring directly at him; otherwise he might see a red flag. Deer pay close attention to other deer’s body language, that’s how they stay alive. If that decoy is staring into the wild blue yonder, any actual deer are going to assume that deer is staring at something that it’s afraid of.

Choosing the Best Deer Decoy

We’ve all seen deer freeze up and stare for what seems like eons. Any staring deer automatically triggers warnings in other deer. That’s why I recommend using deer decoys that are adjustable. Even a light turn of the ears can turn what appears to be an alert deer, into a casual one. The best deer decoy to use is the one that is highly adjustable and mobile. Obviously some huge “decoy/target” type thing is going to be a nightmare to transport. When you find an adjustable decoy that is light and packs up small, that is what you should hang on to.

I once had a decoy called the Feather flex bedded deer decoy. That was an effective tool to kill deer, almost as good as the Grazing doe (above). My secret has been to using deer decoys that are not only in natural postures, but in very relaxed positions. You almost can’t go wrong with those. In future articles I’ll write more about using buck decoys. They are great at certain times of year and are indeed effective. Overall, try to choose relaxed looking decoys for the most success.

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