How to Clean a Grouse in Under One Minute

Step 3 to the easy way of cleaning grouse

The Fastest Way to Clean a Grouse

This tip has been around for a while, but a surprising amount of people still don’t know how to do it. I make it pretty clear in the video, but I’ll go over the steps here in order to make it very clear.

Step 1 to Very Fast Grouse Cleaning

Lay the grouse on it’s back and place one foot on the base of each wing. This will hold the grouse in place and allow you to easily perform step 2.


Step 1 How to clean a grouse the easy way
Step 2).

The second step to cleaning your grouse in record time involves placing one hand on each leg and pulling upward. You will have to pull fairly hard, because you are actually tearing the skin of this bird. As you pull, you will feel the grouses skin begin to tear and you will notice that the rib cage and breasts are beginning to pull free from the legs, skin and the feathers that were covering them.

Step 2 of the best way to clean a grouse
Step 3).

Cleaning off excess feathers and stomach contents (if any) and removal of the wings. You can see in the following image that I am twisting and pulling in order to remove the grouse’ wings free from the chest cavity. You can also use a knife if you are having trouble pulling off the wings. Once the wings are removed you should easily be able to pull off the head (if it already didn’t come off during the “de-winging” process).

Step 3 to the easy way of cleaning grouse

Once you have removed all of the body parts and are left with the breasts and rib cage only, you should try to remove any feathers that might be lingering on your grouse breast meat. The feathers could contain bacteria that could speed up decomposition of the meat. At this point you should place your grouse breasts in a small plastic bag and get them on ice as soon as possible. The faster you get this meat on ice, the better it will taste.

Fishing up the cleaning of this grouse
Once you practice this handy trick you will get quite fast at it. I personally don’t do a lot of grouse hunting, so I’m not terribly fast at it either. This strategy is surely how to clean a grouse the most quickly and efficiently as possible.

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