Hunters Specialties Instigator Grunt Call Review

Hunters specialties instigator grunt call review

This quick review of the the Hunters Specialties Instigator grunt call will be pretty fast and furious. I like this call quite a bit, but it isn’t perfect. I’ll start with a quick summary: This call doesn’t get very deep, and it isn’t that loud, but I do appreciate the design and the way the call can be easily switched from mature buck to young buck very quickly. The call is insanely cheap, and it’s worth the price tag. If you wanted a fast summary, that’s it.

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The most blatant problem I’ve found with this call is that it lacks a real “mature buck setting” It just doesn’t get deep enough. Every setting sounds almost like a doe in my opinion. I have used a ton of grunt calls in my life and this one just doesn’t get quite deep enough for my taste. I am sure that on the mature buck setting that it would call in bucks, it really doesn’t sound that bad. If I had a choice between this call and the Primos bottleneck, I’d choose the latter, however this call does not cost nearly as much. If you’re looking for a bargain call, it’s hard to go wrong here.

The Positives of this call:

The quick and easy way this call transitions from “mature buck” to “young buck” make it fairly nice. It can potentially make a bit of noise while you slide the call into whichever setting, so just like with anything in your hunting arsenal; you’ll want to practice it to ensure silence.

The H.S. Instigator grunt call has a decent sound to it, I just wish it would be a bit more variable. It’s like if there were a human call, this is David Hawking. I do appreciate the price of this call, because it is quite inexpensive.

The Summary

This call isn’t that loud. It had potential at the factory, but they went the wrong direction.The HS Instigator grunt call will no doubt call in whitetails. It has a good sound, but I wish it were louder and deeper. For the price this grunt call is a pretty good deal. I have a feeling that it is only such a good deal because they want to liquidate stock in order to sell out of them. Whether or not that is the case, you can buy one of these calls for very cheap and I’m sure you’ll find it will successfully call in deer. The HS Instigator grunt call is not perfect, but when you combine the cost, with the decent sound it truly is a decent buy.

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