Gut Hook Hunting Knives

Gut hook knife options

This folding gut hooked knife is a good way to go. Not only do you get the portability of the folding blade, but the added convenience of the gut hook.

This type of knife has a small hook on the back side of the blade that will allow you to quickly and effectively gut a big game animal without running the risk of accidentally opening up the gut sack. One sure fire way of ruining your valuable wild game meat is to spill animal guts all over it. Most whitetailed deer and other big game hunters will find this blade style to be fairly convenient to have.

Gut Hook Hunting Knife Uses

Probably you’ll find that in terms of everyday use of a knife, a gut hook is not very practical. Actually in a lot of different ways the gut hook can actually become rather inconvenient to have on your knife. If you need t apply heavy pressure to the back of the knife to cut through an object, these gut hooks can be quite dangerous to your fingers.

Some people do find the gut hook to be nice for cutting thin rope and fishing line with ease. This is a common type of knife you would find in a fishermans tackle box. The gut hook actually works not only on big game animals and birds, but it is quite effective on gutting fish as well.

Gut Hook Sharpening

A tool used to sharpen gut hooks and similar hard to sharpen surfaces. These are quite effective at bringing your gut hook back to factory sharpness.

Sharpening of the gut hook can be inconvenient. You won’t be able to use your standard sharpening stone on this portion of the blade. Most often people will use a long skinny piece of wetstone which is available at most decent sporting goods stores. Take a look at this variety (shown left) here at Amazon.


As you can see, the gut hook is often times a very convenient feature to have. If you are looking to check out our top pics for gut hook hunting knives, keep reading!