Hunting Saws

Almost as important as a standard hunting knife is some type of hunting saw on your hunt. There a a ton of different options in this category, there are also tons of uses for a tool such as this.

Why Carry a Hunting Saw?

A hunting saw is a nessecity for most hunters.

The Gerber Vital pack saw: This saw has a blunt blade tip to prevent cutting sensitive areas while cleaning your wild game. Check it out on Amazon here.

  • Splitting the rib cage
  • Splitting the pelvis
  • Cutting shooting lanes
  • Cutting wood for a million other reasons
  • Removing antlers from your game
  • Cutting off the legs on your animal for quartering
  • The list goes on…

As you can see listed above, the uses for taking some type of hunting saw with you into the wilderness is vast. Perhaps one of the best features of carrying a saw is being able to remove the skull cap in the woods after shooting a big antlered game animal. You will find it much easier to carry out antlers when the rest of the skull is not attached. Not only this, the task of cutting up big game for easy transport in the field is made much easier with a saw. The beauty of carrying the saw vs just a knife is being able to easily cut through bone—without it, you’ll only be able to cut the animal apart at the joints. This will severely dull your knife and have you carrying more bone out of the woods than necessary.

Types of  Saws Used in Hunting

  • Folding Saws: These are convenient and will fold up to easily fit in your pack.
  • Fixed blade saws: These bigger saws will come with a sheath and will take up quite a bit more room in your pack, however they are often more sturdy and durable.
  • Pocket chain saws: Very small and light to carry, but can often be difficult to cut an area with precision. They are also not very durable and are prone to easy breakage.

Our Top Saw Choices


The Bahco Laplander Folding Saw
Bahco laplander folding saw
Primos Folding Saw
Primos folding saw