Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Review

I have owned dozens of hunting saws in my life, I rarely ever find one as good as the Bahco Laplander. This is a 9″ saw that is sure to surprise you with it’s durability and full featured functionality.

Blade Length: 7″

Overall Length: 9″

Cost: $$

Value: 5 stars

What Do I like About This Saw?

  • The blade is specially coated to prevent rust and to also reduce friction while cutting.
  • One of the most efficient cutting hunting saws I’ve used. This thing cuts wood on the forward and back stroke. You’ll find that many saws will only cut during the pulling stroke, making this wonder cut through  wood and bone at double the efficiency.
  • Amazing durability! This folding saw has become legendary in the survivalist community. These guys really put gear through the ringer in order to ensure it will work well when they need it.
  • One of the best buys in terms of value for the money. You’d be hard pressed to buy a better saw for 2x the cost.
  • Tidbit: This saw is actually made by Mora (essentially Snap on) for Bahco company.

This Bahco saw was made specifically for the hunter and survivalists.

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More Likes

Cutting some wood in the forest with the Bahco laplander folding hunting saw. Another great feature of the Bahco saw is that the handle will not only lock in the open position, but also the closed. This will prevent the blade from opening by accident in your pocket or backpack. It also keeps your hands safe while cutting, because a surprise blade closing on your hand can do a lot of damage!

The handle of this knife is rubber coated which will give you a firm grip when you are wearing gloves, or when things are a little wet.

I could continue all day long with the things I love about this great saw, but for now we’ll cut to the small amount of negatives I have found about it.

Negatives of the Bahco Folding Saw

Not much is wrong with this saw to be honest. The only downside I’ve found is that the blade is thin and prone to bending, however that’s not all bad.. The thin blade allows for easier more precise cutting. It also cuts down on the overall weight of the saw. So you can take this negative, and easily turn it into a positive depending on how you look at it.


The Bahco folding hunting saw is a great bargain considering the high quality product. You’ll be amazed at its smooth function, durability and reasonable price. If you are on the market for a folding saw to take on your hunting trips, camping trips or just for pruning those shooting lanes; I really don’t think you can go wrong with the Bahco Laplander.