Primos Folding Saw

The Primos folding hunting saw packs a real punch for the money. For less than 20$ this saw is an amazing bargain. Whether you are looking for a bargain on a great hunting saw, or just a cutting tool to keep in your camping backpack—you won’t need to look too much farther.

Blade Length: 6″

Uses: Hunting, camping, backpacking etc.

Great for: Cutting bones, trimming shooting lanes, cutting firewood and other general hunting purposes.

Primos folding saw is a great deal.

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What are the Positives of this Saw?

The quality of this saw is the same as all other Primos products I’ve owned..Awesome! Sure there are better saws on the market, but how much better can you get for a hunting saw that costs far less than 20 bucks?!

The blade length of this tool is about perfect in my opinion at 6 inches. Most people won’t need to cut down too many full sized trees with a folding saw, so there is no need for a super long blade. The longer they are, the less compact they are to tote around on those hunting trips. The handle of the Primos folding saw comes in a a hair under 8″, making it long enough to give you a firm grip while cutting, and short enough to fit in most pant or backpack pockets.

This saw has over 100 reviews on Amazon and still comes in with a 4.5 star rating. That is not easy to do unless the product is sound. Check out the Amazon reviews here.

Other Features I Like

  • Locking blade
  • Comes with a decent sheath to keep it contained
  • Rubber coated handle to give you a solid grip in tough weather during those important cuts
  • Replacement blades are available for a reasonable price. Check them out here

You should have no trouble buzzing through branches that are in the 4-5 in thick range, which is about all you can ask for in a saw with a 6 inch blade.


I truly can not find any negatives worth mentioning when it comes to this Primos saw. You are getting a lot more than you could ever expect from a saw that cost a bit over 10$ Seriously, it would be hard to find a better place to spend ten bucks than on this awesome super bargain of a hunting saw. If you are worried about quality or not getting your moneys worth, you can stop worrying and just buy the thing. You won’t regret your purchase.