Skinning Knives

Why Buy a Skinning Knife?

Skinning knife

Victorionox skinning knives like this are a good choice. They are made with quality steel and have developed a great reputation as one of the best knife manufacturers.

Simple really. If you are going to be skinning big game occasionally, one of these knives can save you a massive amount of time. The long curvd blades will allow you to easily seperate flesh from skin in long circular strokes in a very efficient manner. These blades are much longer than you’ll find on a caping knife, they are also much more flexible. The extra flex in these blades will allow you to easily follow alomng the contours of the animals muscles ensuring clean and precise cuts throughout the process of skinning your game.

Varieties and Uses

The skinning knife might not be as practical as a lot of other knife types, it surely does it’s intended job well. You can find this type of knife in fixed blade or folding. Whichever type you choose will come down to your own personal preference. The price range of this type of blade can vary wildly, but keeping this knife sharp is a key to efficient skinning of your animal. Dull blades will easily double or triple the amount of time you’ll need to spend skinning a large game animal.