Mounting a Gopro Onto a Rifle – Best Gopro Rifle Mount

So this year I’ve decided to go all out and film every hunt I go on. Mounting a Gopro onto a rifle is a great way to capture good footage. I’ll show you in this quick post how to easily mount a Gopro to your rifle using a mount you probably already have.

Best way to mount a Gopro to a rifle

This mounting style is by far the easiest way to mount your Gopro onto your hunting rifle. Notice that I’ve covered the red light with electrical tape. This blinking light while filming could easily scare off deer. I also opted to use the open style mount without the waterproof cover so that I get better audio.

This Gopro handlebar mount works good for mounting a Gopro to your hunting rifle.

This Gopro handlebar mount works good for mounting a Gopro to your hunting rifle. Check it out here on Amazon

The Best Mount to attach your Gopro to your rifle in my opinion is the standard handlebar mount. You can attach it right to your scope quickly (as shown in the image). The best part is, most everyone who has a Gopro already has one of this style mount. They come in pretty much every accessory kit available. If you don’t have one, check them out here on Amazon.

These simple mounts can be purchased for about 10 dollars and you can film your own hunts just by tightening up a couple screws. This easy Gopro rifle mount will not get in your line of sight at all. You’ll likely forget it’s even on there. It is in a great spot on top of the scope to easily see where the camera is pointed and to control it’s functions effortlessly.

If you’ve been looking for the best way to mount your Gopro to your rifle, you’ve found it! There are mounts offered on Amazon that are specifically made for mounting a Gopro to a rifle, but they’ll cost you at least 2x as much as this style of mount.

What I like the most about the look of the way this mounting system films, is the view of the scope. At the bottom of the video you can just see the top of the scope and it makes the video viewer know that they are right in the action mounted on the hunting rifle. Mounting a Gopro to your gun is by far the easiest way to film a hunt. I recommend you all give it a try!

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