Mounting a Gopro to Your Bow For Hunting

Gopro camera attached to my bow. I mounted this camera using a handlebar mount to film my hunts.

I have filmed several hunts throughout the years, but with the new Gopro’s which are so small, yet take such good video—it’s never been easier. Mounting a Gopro to your bow is a very easy task. Since there are dozens of different mounts available for very inexpensive, attaching it to your bow should be very easy. On my bow I have a rubber stabilizer that it trimmed up and I used a Gopro handlebar mount to attach to that. It is very secure, and with the rubber stabilizer toning down the vibration from the bow, the footage during the shot is smooth.

Gopro camera attached to my bow. I mounted this camera using a handlebar mount to film my hunts.

I have tried several different ways to mount a Gopro to my bow, this is by far the best way I’ve tried. I just cut some of the rubber off the rubber stabilizer, and the handlebar mount fit perfectly snug.

As you can see here, all of these mounts can be bought in one kit, which will basically attach your Gopro to anything. Check the current price on Amazon here.

Whether you are filming hunting or even fishing with a Gopro, there are such a wide array of attachments you can use, there are millions of ways to attach your camera to just about anything. Not only are there tons of mounts, but they are very cheap!

The quality in video has become so good in the last few years, the price of cameras has dropped dramatically, there really is no reason not to film those hunts! What better way to capture the true memory of the hunt then to get video footage of the whole experience!

Cant Afford a Gopro? What About the Inexpensive Alternatives?

A gopro alternative that is a great buy for the money. This is a perfect camera to attach to your bow to film hunting trips.

Take a look at this amazing little camera. It uses all of the same mounts as a gopro, but for a small fraction of the price. This is a great option for those who don’t want a full priced Gopro. Check the current price here.

Sure, you could spend $400 on a new hero 4 silver Gopro, but you don’t need to! There are some very inexpensive Gopro alternatives that will blow your mind! Take a look at the camera in the above image, this camera costs a lot less than $100 and it is a very nice camera to film bow hunting. It can perform most of the functions of a normal Gopro, but for a fraction of the cost.

Other Gopro Mounting Options for Hunting

As mentioned, there are tons of ways to film those hunts with your camera, but some ways are just better than others. My second favorite way to film hunting is with the head mount. The beauty of that style Gopro mount is that you always know it’s pointing in the right direction. Naturally you are going to be looking at where the action is. With a head mount on, your camera won’t miss any part of the hunt!

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