November 2016 Whitetail Hunting the Rut – 4×4 Buck Rattled Into Close Range

Hunting big whitetails during the rut

This was an exciting hunt that I’ll never forget. I was able to kill this deer because I used a couple different tactics that worked like a charm. As you can see in the video this deer came in to my rattling, but he was already on his way in because I had dragged doe in estrous urine over a mile into my hunting spot. After I started walking out with the deer I could tell exactly what happened. He had apparently been running down the trail towards me following my estrous urine trail, and once I began rattling he closed the remaining distance quickly. I had a Gopro mount on my gun, but I never got a chance to put the camera back onto it. I was only sitting about 10 minutes when this deer came charging in giving me an easy shot at about 20 yards. If you’d like to learn more about the effective use of doe urine and exactly the technique I used to kill this big whitetail, you can read the story here.

Overall this was a great Northern US hunt that is sure to get my adrenaline pumping every time I think about it. Even though he is not a megabuck, he is worthy of a place on my wall. I dropped it off at my favorite Idaho taxidermist a few days ago!

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