Primos Rattling Antlers – Fighting Horns Review

Primos rattling antlers for deer hunting.

Perhaps nothing is more exciting than rattling in a big buck into range with a set of antlers. I’ve owned the Primos rattling antlers for 3 deer seasons now and I have called in a lot of nice bucks. Primos rattling antlers for deer hunting. There are a lot of different types of calls that will simulate 2 fighting bucks, but I have been more than happy with these Primos antlers. These “Fighting Horns” might not be the most compact call for rattling, but they do have a good sound that you just really can’t accomplish with some of the rattle bags on the market. There is nothing that will sound as natural and loud as a full set of antlers such as the Primos rattling antlers. Primos fighting horns deer call.

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The Positives of the Primos Antlers

There are a lot of things I like about these antlers, so I’ll go over my favorite features here.

  • Loud: The sound of these antlers really carry. I have brought in deer from extremely long distances in order to get a shot.
  • More Natural Sounding Than a Rattling Bag: You just don’t get the same tones of sliding and grinding antlers from a rattle bag that you will from a full set of antlers like this. The sound of long tines sliding against one another can not be replicated by a rattle bag.
  • The Ability to Simulate Light Sparring: With the Primos fighting horns, you will easily be able to replicate the sound of deer lightly sparring in the early season. These sounds are hard to replicate with a lot of other rattling type calls.
  • Durable and Long Lasting: These antlers will last you a long time. You wont ever have to worry about this deer call becoming damaged from being too aggressive. I usually burn through a rattle bag every year, but with these antlers there is no material to tear. Hard durable plastic just doesn’t break easily.

The Negatives

A trimmed version of the Primos rattling antlers.

You can see in this image I have trimmed the tips of the tine off of this set of antlers to make them a little more portable. I usually take this set of Primos antlers with me on my longer hikes. I always keep a fell set in my car as well during the rut.

The only real negative I have found with these horns is the large size. As you can see in my image above, I have fought this issue by strapping them onto my backpack. This leaves me with the full capacity of my pack to carry other essentials such as water, food and extra clothing. It is simply not practical or safe to carry the Primos fighting horns around in the woods without a backpack. The tines of these antlers are quite long. If you want to store them inside of a pack they will take up a lot of space. I have also found a good way to modify this deer antler call by trimming off the tips of the tines (See image left). While this trimming of the tines takes a little bit away from the light sparring sounds you can make with the full antler, I have found it to not have much of an effect on the overall sound quality.


While the Primos antlers might be quite large, they make up for it by allowing you to make diverse rattling sounds that you just can’t get from a rattling bag. If you have the space in your backpack for these, they are a good way to bring in picky big bucks from long distances. If you are looking to go a little more compact, I’d look at another product that will fit in your pocketb or more easily in a smaller sized backpack.

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  1. Ed

    February 10, 2017 at 3:36 am

    I like these primos antlers. I just can’t bring myself to use antlers from a deer I’ve shot. These are just as good! I do agree with you as well, these primos fighting horns are a little bigger than they need to be. I just bought another pair of them, I left my last ones in a tree somewhere :/

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