Primos Third Degree Predator Call Review

Reviewing the Primos third degree rabbit in distress predator call

The Extra Loud Third Degree Predator Call By Primos Review

Primos third degree predator call review

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Looking for a loud effective predator call for bringing in coyotes, bears, bobcats and other predators from long range? This call is a good choice. Perhaps one of the most realistic sounding rabbit in distress calls I’ve ever heard. I’ve been using this call for a few weeks with great success. Within 10 minuts of using it my first time I was able to bring in a couple coyotes to within 50 yards. I have also met several people who use this call regularly to bring in various types of game and all have had good luck.

The Primos third degree call really makes a tremendous amount of noise that carries farther than you can imagine.


  • Made from laminated wood for a natural appeal
  • Small/compact so it will easily slip into any pocket and not be too bulky while on a lanyard
  • Super loud for bringing in all types of predators from very long range
  • Quality made in USA construction
  • Loop attached to the call so you can easily hook it up to your lanyard

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Using this Call

How to perfectly mimic a distressed rabbit using the Primos third degree all is easy. There are no fancy reeds or special ways you’ll need to blow this call to get the perfect sound of a dying rabbit.

To use this call you simply blow into it in bursts. You can easily vary the volume of this call by blowing softer or harder. The louder you want it, the harder you blow. Once the predator is getting into close range and almost where you need it for the shot, just lighten up a little bit and face theend away from the incoming predator. Using these tactics you can coax your game animal easily into range.

To produce a more desperate sounding prey, cup your hands sporadically over the end and/or wave the call back and forth. Moving the call left and right while using will truly make this call sound like a dying rabbit in severe distress. The sound of the call you are looking for should mimic the screams of a crying baby.

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