Primos Trophy Grunter Grunt Call Review – Super Cheap Grunt Call

Primos trophy hunter grunt callI used this call today in Northern MI with great success. It only came in the mail yesterday after ordering it on Amazon. Let me tell you a bit more about this budget grunt call. I truly love grunt calls and find them to be the root of almost all of my success killing big bucks. After many years of testing, I’ve learned what these deer are looking for in sounds, and what brings them in like mad.

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A Quick Review of the Primos Trophy Grunter Call

This was a great call for me today in the woods. It did call in a small 4×4 whitetail buck in MI almost the first time I blew air through it. I have only used it on the MB setting (The second setting from the bottom). Honestly the TB setting was too deep and didn’t sound like any deer I’ve ever heard. The doe call settings sound OK, I would not hesitate to use them if I were into that sort of thing.

What I loved About the Call

  • It has great volume! The sound really carried and I was impressed at how perfectly loud it was. In my experiences, a super loud call is a bad idea. This super cheap grunt call was the perfect volume for my taste. After calling in over 1000+ bucks over the years, I am certain I have a good idea on what exactly these deer are looking for.
  • The tube allows for light changes in the pitch: Not all grunt tubes have a variable tube to change the pitch. I’m happy this one has it, but I honestly chose to keep the “tube portion” mostly un-extended because I felt the sound was better with it short. I had about 6 of the tube extensions open. Or roughly the tube extended about 50% of it’s capacity.
  • Cheap Grunt Call: This thing literally costed less than $9. I’m not sure how you could go wrong!

This is the exact setting I used to call in a nice deer earlier today. This grunt call works really well and costs so little.


This cheap grunt call is about the best bargain you could ever ask for. Since I try to give honest reviews here, I’ll say that this call will make a little bit of noise extending the tube and also if it hits your other gear. I never had it freeze up in +25 degrees, but I did have it stick a little bit.

Summary Of This Super Cheap Grunt Call

It is very much worth the low price you’ll pay. It does call in deer, have a great sound range and volume and it also makes doe calls! This might be one of the best bang for your buck grunt calls on the market. You won’t regret its purchase, just don’t use the TB (lowest setting) in my opinion. If you put it on MB, with the tube half extended it sounds awesome and will call in bucks of all ages.

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