Recommended Accessories For Crossbows

When it comes to crossbows, they are much different than a standard compound bow. You will need some crossbow accessories to accompany your purchase. While none of these accessories for crossbows are mandatory, they will all help you enjoy your experience more. Each one of these items serves a great purpose and in my opinion you should buy these when you buy a new crossbow.

Mechanical Broadheads

Mechanical broadheads for use with a crossbow

Do to the extreme speed that modern crossbow shoot, I would advise you to hunt with expanding broadheads. If you are using fixed blade heads for hunting there is a possibility for wind drift and planing in the air. When this happens, your bolt will essentially be getting steered by the blades of the broadhead. This phenomenon does not happen with the sleep mechanical broadheads on the market. If your large fixed blade heads start to plane, they could be very difficult to get shooting consistently. You will know when this happens, because your bow will shoot great with you field points, but when you try to shoot broadheads, you’ll be all over the place. If you only take one piece of advice from this page—I advise you to buy a quality set of mechanical broadheads for hunting. They are also almost always more effective a providing great blood trails to help you find your deer more quickly. Learn more about the difference between mechanical and fixed blade broadheads here.

Cocking Mechanism

Crossbow cocking device - a mandatory crossbow accessory

A cocking mechanism will help you to pull back your crossbow after each shot. Most of us are capable of pulling back the 150# draw weight easily with our hands, but during sighting in and extreme practice—your hands will hurt.. These devices will spread the wight out over your hands and also cut the pull weight in half by using a pulley system.

Crossbow Discharge Target

Crossbow discharge target to unload your crossbow

While hunting you will of course have your crossbow loaded and ready to rock, but what happens when the hunt is over and you have a cocked crossbow? A small discharge target like the morel yellow jacket will help you unload your crossbow without risking your expensive bolts. Shooting your crossbow off into the ground will inevitably lead to broken or lost bolts. My dad bought a new crossbow a few weeks ago and found out just how convenient these little targets are. He also bought one of these discharge targets which I will be reviewing soon.  If you are interested here is the review of my dads Barnett jackal crossbow.

Crossbow String and Rail Wax

Crossbow rail and string wax

This is a great inexpensive pack of crossbow wax. The current price is around 3 dollars, a small price to pay in order to preserve the life of your string.

This is actually not an optional accessory—you need this! You should be waxing your rail at any part where your string comes in contact with it frequently. If you are not waxing your string you are also doing damage to your crossbow string. You should not let your string become dry, because that will inevitable lead to damage.



These are some of the crossbow accessories that I recommend. I have tried to live without them, but quite frankly getting these great items will help you out every single day you spend afield with your crossbow.


  1. Juan

    October 23, 2016 at 11:58 am

    I just bought a crossbow last week. I’m definitely going to buy a the string pulleys for it. I can pull it back a couple times by hand, but after a few it really starts to hurt. I’m also still deciding what broadheads to use. There is a very large selection, It is hard to decide..

  2. Deer Hunter

    October 24, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    Juan, glad to hear you are having fun with your crossbow. Any of the modern mechanical broad heads should work well for you. As for using the crossbow cocking mechanism, I agree…It does indeed save you a lot of pain in the hands after a few manual pulls. Thanks for stopping by

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