Shoulder Mount your Trophy Game Animal

Bull moose taxidermy mount

An example of the stunning work my taxidermist does. This is a big bull moose from East Idaho sporting a 45″ wide set of antlers. You can truly see the attention to detail given to piece of taxidermy art.

When it comes to looking back on a hunting trip, there is no better way to secure that memory for life than having a taxidermist create a mount for you. Each and every animal we shoot is special and they all have great stories that go along with the hunt. Taxidermy these days using the most modern tanning methods will literally last lifetimes.

Tips for Skinning your Deer, Elk or Moose for a Shoulder Mount


Be sure while skinning your animal for taxidermy that you are leaving enough skin to work with. It is very common or people to cut the skin short and a full shoulder mount is simply not possible. A new hide for your mount will end up costing you a lot of extra money, so cut that skin way back behind the shoulders!

Keep your Hide Cool

You might think its a good idea to keep your head and hide in your truck to show off to your friends, but it isn’t! Put the head and cape in a freezer or you could be ruining your chance at a perfect mount. Leaving your hide in warm temperatures will result in hair slippage during the tanning process and you will not have a high quality mount.

Awesome Taxidermist

I live in East Idaho and have found a tremendous taxidermist in my area. He has mounted several of my whitetails and I have another one at his shop now from November. If you live in Jackson Wyoming area or Idaho I recommend giving Rivers Edge Wildlife Art a try. They also do some amazing trout replica mounts and all other types of taxidermy work.

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