Does Smoking Spook Deer?

Smoking cigarettes spooking deer

An age old question, “How bad of an Idea is it to smoke while deer hunting”? I have a lot of experience in this matter and I feel good about writing about it. I smoked cigarettes for over 20 years of my life–All of which were spent deer hunting. I have been thinking about this article for quite some time, so I’m happy to finally put it all down here.

Does Smoking Hurt Your Deer Hunting?

I have shot some amazing deer all while smoking a cigarette at the time I pulled the trigger. As much as smoking is a bad idea, I am sure you can safely smoke in your deer stand if you fall into a certain category of hunter.

There are many hunters who are trying to be odor free and keep all scent off of them at all times. I used to fall into that category, (and many times today I still do). Honestly, I feel that if you have odor of your house, gas on your clothes from filling up your tank earlier in the day, you should just go ahead and smoke in your tree stand or blind if you’d like. The deer are already going to be alarmed if they smell you. Why bother avoiding smoking which might keep you in the woods longer? As long you keep your boots odor free and prevent tracking scent all over the place, the air down wind of you will already alert deer. You might as well enjoy yourself and smoke it up. Deer are certainly afraid of he smell of cigarettes, but they are just as (if not more) afraid of the smell of old spice and general house smell. Smoke those cigarettes if you want, because the deer will be taking off if they are downwind of you anyway.

As I mentioned above, it is a terrible idea to go into your hunting spot every day with stinky boots. The smell of your tracks will linger for a long time after the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke is long gone.

How to Smoke in Your Hunting Spot With Minimal Impact

If you do decide to smoke tobacco in your hunting area, there are some rules to follow to ensure you continue to see deer.

  • Don’t leave your butts behind! If you throw your cigarette butts on the ground you might as well write off seeing a lot of deer. You cannot leave a ton of human scent in the area (especially stinky cigarette butts which smell for weeks) and expect to continue having deer activity. Carry a container to put them in. At the very least kick a hole in the ground and get them as deep as possible.
  • Pay attention to wind direction: This is the whole point of this article, and a basic idea in deer hunting in general. If you know where the deer are and the wind is blowing towards where they are going to come from, don’t bother hunting that spot let alone smoking in it!

The bottom line here is that you can safely smoke while deer hunting if you take precautions and don’t leave butts around. The deer will smell you either way, smoking or not. If you aren’t very odor free already, don’t even worry about it.

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