Using Doe in Estrous Urine Effectively on a Drag Rag

Doe in estrous urine tips and tactics

In my rut deer hunting trip last week, I was able to shoot 2 different bucks using doe in estrous urine in combination with some rattling and using a drag rag. I will give you the details on exactly what I did, what brands of doe in estrous have worked best for me and other details that will help you shoot more big bucks. I have successfully hunted dozens of large whitetails using doe urine combined with a drag rag. This is probably one of the most effective ways to shoot big bucks during the rut.

Using A Drag Rag With Doe Estrous

In my early November rut hunt I was able to use doe in estrous urine combined with a drag rag in order to put a nice buck right on my lap. I was using Tinks 69 estrous urine combined with a big wick. I dragged the wick the last mile into my hunting spot which crossed several heavily used deer trails. Each time I crossed a deer trail I put a few more drops of urine on the wick, but I also put a couple drops on the ground in the direction I was heading. This essentially makes the scent stronger in the direction I was walking, ensuring that the deer will walk towards me; instead of in the wrong direction. The more estrous urine added to the wick, the more the scent is intensified. If you put the doe urine on the wick only once as you begin walking, it will only get more weak as you keep walking. This will cause the deer to follow the scent in the wrong direction. Only by constantly adding more can you make sure the deer know which direction the “hot doe” walked.

Once I got close to my hunting spot I turned and dragged the scent wick (drag rag) straight across the area I wanted the deer to walk. I also placed 3 more scent wicks in the trees at 20 yard increments directly in front of me. These 3 scent wicks drenched in doe in estrous urine are kicking out large amounts of scent and should bring in curious bucks that go downwind of them for at least a half mile, but they also stop any bucks that walk down the trail.


  • Be certain that your boots are as scent free as possible. Don’t go pumping gas in those boots prior to hunting. You should spray down your pants and boots thoroughly with a scent killer before attempting to use a drag rag. Don’t forget that these deer are going to be sticking their nose right where you will be stepping those boots!
  • Keep your drag rag in a scent free bag

The Outcome and Details of My Success Using the Drag Rag

Code blue double drag for dragging doe in estrous urine to attract deer.

Here is the code blue double drag system. I have used this type of drag in the past with good results. Check the current price here on Amazon

Success using doe urine during the rut

This beauty came in to Tinks 69 estrous lure with a bit of rattling.

As I was carrying the buck out, exactly what happened during my hunt became clear to me. I could see the bucks tracks where it turned off of a smaller trail, onto the trail I had used the estrous urine soaked drag rag. At one point the deer was in a full sprint right down the trail. Once he caught wind of the scent wicks I had placed in the trees he pulled off the trail and decided to go straight towards the wicks which were very heavily scented. He figured he didn’t need to follow the trail anymore, because urine scent that strong was probably coming from the doe itself. It was right around this time when I began rattling, causing him to come straight at me, briefly stopping at the scent wick (which allowed me to get my gun raised) and he headed right down my trail where I’d walked into my hiding spot. If I’d waited any longer to pull the trigger, he would have walked right to me.

Tips to Buying the Best and Most Fresh Doe in Estrous

Scent wicks are great for drag rags, or just hanging from a tree.

These are my favorite wicks for estrous drag rags.  Check them out on Amazon here.

2 days prior to leaving for my hunt I went on Amazon and bought a couple bottles of Tinks 69. Why would I buy it from Amazon and not a local store or big box store? Simple, Amazon sells stuff like crazy. More than most other stores combined probably. By buying it from Amazon, I was confident that this was very fresh and had not been sitting on the shelf for a year.

Many packages and brands have dates printed on the packaging, this is another sure fire way to know that you are buying the fresh stuff. Doe estrous that is several years old still smells the same to us, but in my experience it does not smell the same to deer. Old estrous urine will often spook deer in my opinion.

My Favorite Doe in Estrous Brands

I have used other brands, but I have never been let down by these 2 varieties below. I tied some doe in estrous by buck bomb (in a spray can) last week, but I found that putting on and taking off the cap makes too much noise. I also find that the actual act of spraying this doe scent makes way too much noise for my taste. So as far as the applicator is concerned, I really don’t like it. When it comes to the actual urine contained in this noisy bottle, it seems to attract deer. I did shoot a small buck the night before I left my hunting area and this buck bomb urine is certainly what attracted it in. Until these guys figure out a more silent type of applicator, I won’t buy it again.

These 2 doe in estrous scents listed below are responsible for dozens of big bucks over the years for me. I have had equal success with both of them.

Summary: If you’ve never used a drag rag or any type of doe in estrous you should give it a try. It is one of my best strategies for killing big bucks during the rut.


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  1. Booker

    May 19, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    The drag rag is hard to beat for bringing big deer right to you! I have used a variety of deer urine throughout the years. I do like tinks and code blue a lot. My son shot a big 4×4 last season on opening morning after walking in dragging deer pee wick.

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