When will the Deer Rut in 2017?

When will be the deer rut in 2017? According to a bit of research, deer will rut much sooner than last year. It is widely believed that the “peak of the rut” coincides with the second full moon after the autumnal equinox. Most biologists believe that the amount of light during the day and from the moon are a major factor that will trigger the whitetail rut.

Early Rut in 2017!

This year the second full moon after the autumnal equinox takes place way ahead of where it did last year. This year this moon phase takes place on November 4th, a full ten days ahead of where it was last year in 2016. I personally noticed most intense rutting activity to be taking place in mid November last year. I watched some very big bucks chasing and even breeding on Nov 15th (after I’d already filled all my tags).

When Exactly should I plan to hunt hard?

Personally I’m going to make it to my best whitetail deer hunting area on October 29th and hunt for as long as it takes to fill 2 tags. With the bulk of deer seeking and chasing activity probably taking place around Nov 4th.

In my experience the first portion of the rut is always best. You’ll want to be out there hunting while there are few (if any) does actually in estrous, that way the bucks will be constantly on the move looking for a doe in heat that they’ll never find. This will keep them looking and make them susceptible to your various hunting tactics.

My Rutting Game plan

Personally I’m going to use a drag rag a lot during the early portion of the rut. The bucks will be moving around heavily in search of a doe in estrous. Chances are good that the first estrous they get a whiff of will be from the doe urine I drag through the forest. This should send the big bucks into a frenzy and have them running my way like they have in years past.

This season I probably won’t do too much rattling unless I get desperate. I’ve done pretty good with rattling antlers in the past, but I wonder how many deer I spook by rattling. I’m going to dial it down a bit and see what happens. I will however be using a grunt call, which every deer hunter should own and know how to use.

I’ll be sure to update this website with pictures and a hunting video when I return. Enjoy the deer rut in 2017. It should be the most intense we’ve seen in years!

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